About Jan van Origo

During his youth Jan lived in the middle of South Limburg – the Netherlands.

After finishing his study of Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology, Jan lived for five years in Amsterdam where he met his wife Marieke. Now Marieke and Jan live with their two children for almost 20 years in a village near Rotterdam – NL. His work is related to the safety of consumer products.

His hobby’s are reading, music, travelling and cycling. Jan reads many books on philosophy, religion, literature. Since 3 years he studies Sanskrit – the language of the gods in the world of the men.

Half a year ago he started writing a essay on “Who are you – a survey of our existence”.


| Jan van Origo


| jan(dot)van(dot)origo(at)gmail(dot)com


| 56


| Hanna and Jaap


|  with Marieke


| Reading, writing, religion, philosophy, language, culture, cycling, walking, gardening


| Safety of consumer products


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