This weblog “Who are you” refers to you, me and everything around us. Nothing is excluded in advance. The quest for “you, me and everything around us” takes the form of a modern Odyssey. We will approach the question from different points of view; eventually this Odyssey will guide us to our home. Whether we will succeed? We don’t know yet. But the voyage is definitely worthwhile.

Jan van Origo writes a book with the working title “Who are you”; the Dutch version has for the time being the title “Wie ben jij”. This weblog covers the creation of this book.

Responses to posts and pages are welcome. Constructive criticism, comments and additions to the posts and pages are welcome. For placement of comprehensive responses, criticism and additions Jan van Origo may ask for a summary and/or a contribution in the form of guest authorship.

Contributions from guest writers on “who are you” are welcome. Please contact Jan van Origo under jan(dot)van(dot)origo(at)gmail(dot)com

Jan van Origo has the final verdict regarding the placement of comments, criticisms and contributions in this weblog.



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