Review: Innocent

Innocent by Scott Turow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The summary of the Prologue:

Twenty-two years after the criminal events described in Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow, Rusty Sabich – former lawyer and now a chief appellate judge – awoke one morning at half past six, and he found his wife Barbara dead in her bed. Rusty remained seated for 23 hours next to the dead body of his wife before calling the family, the funeral home and the family doctor. Serious suspicion arose why Rusty did wait so long before alerting his family, the family doctor and even the police.

This prologue of three pages had convinced me to buy this book and read it.

Rusty Sabich is again suspected of murder, because Rusty chose to keep Barbara’s death hidden which might allow traces of poison to disappear.

Although the legal verdict is in the end “Innocent”, it is at the same time highly debatable if the ethical verdict is also “Innocent”.

An excellent sequel to the five star court-room drama/thriller
“Presumed Innocent” first published in 1986.


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