Review: Research

Research by Philip Kerr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thriller with several layers.
The main layer contains the story of a cold blooded main character who initially has a moderate position as writer within an “atelier” of a top best-selling author. By murders and blackmail the main character reverses the roles within this writing co-operation when the best-selling author wishes to close the atelier.
The second layer includes the separate roles in the writing/publishing industry of top best-sellers.
The third layer contains the research Philip Kerr has made by reading a library of thrillers and novel: on every page brief excerpts of at least five books are mentioned without causing any annoyance.
The fourth layers describes how the main character became a cold blooded murderer and blackmailer.

The separate parts of this thriller show the points of view of both protagonists.

Very well written: the first sentence already summarises the thriller, the first page sets the scene, both without spoiling the plot; marvellous, this first page may well be included in a course creative-writing.

My only hesitation: the plot, judge for yourself if you would give this book five stars or four stars as I did.


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