My publisher has a new website!

My publisher Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher has its new website available under:

This new website has better possibilities to present information about authors, books and the publisher in a structured way. My books are beautifully displayed on the website.

The photos show the Netherlands version of the website – the version in English is available via the hyperlink shown.

On regular basis I will be active on the forum to post questions, and remarks about books and I will be involved in discussions on subjects within the scope of the book fund of the publisher.

Omnia-Amsterdam Publisher is grateful to all people who made a contribution to its website.

In particular, Omnia-Amsterdam Publisher expresses its gratitude to:

  • All people who made a contribution to Drupal 7
  • Openpublic Drupal 7 Distribution issued by and supported by Phase2 Technology
  • The Authors who make their books available under the Creative Commons License.
  • The Staff and the Webmaster designing and maintaining is website

In case you have questions regarding the new website, do not hesitate to contact the Publisher or the webmaster using the contact form.

De sitemap of the new website is:



  • Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher
  • Out book fund
  • Authors
  • Creative Commons Licence
  • Rights
  • Staff
  • Colofon
  • Contact
  • Contact form


  • Carla Drift
  • Man Leben
  • Narrator
  • Jan van Origo
  • Talented writers
  • Review manuscripts


  • Published
  • Expected
  • Printing paperbacks
  • Manuscripts

Media Room

  • Press releases
  • Multimedia


  • Who are you – A survey into our existence
  • Wie ben jij – Een verkenning van ons bestaan



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