First anniversary of “Who are you – a survey into our existence”

A year ago, the first post with the title “First draft of book ready” appeared on the weblog “Who are you – a survey into our existence” of Jan van Origo. On the same day also the first post was published on the Dutch version of the weblog “Wie ben jij – een verkenning van ons bestaan”.

On 4 March 2011, I reported that the first draft for the book was finished. I started with rewriting of the text and filling in several gaps.

On this weblog readers can follow this process of rewriting including my underlying considerations. I hope you like following how the book takes shape and I thank the readers for their attention.

In this year a book originated which – after editing by Carla Drift – contains the content of the posts between September and December 2011. On March 1st  2012 the book “Man Leben – One Life, a Biography” [1] is published in Pdf format at Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher. This biography describes the life story of one of the three main characters on the quest for “Who are you”. A printable version and possibly a E-pub version are under preparation. Further information will follow on the Publisher’s website

The first part of the Odyssey to “Who are you” is made ready for publication. This part of the Odyssey will soon be published as e-book at Omnia – Amsterdam Publisher.

The life story of the second main character on the Odyssey can be followed on this weblog. The working title for this autobiography: “Carla Drift – An Outlier”. The manuscript can be expected within a few months.

The next year the description of Narrator – the third protagonist on the quest – is foreseen on this weblog; the bundled posts will be published as e-book. Then the second part of the quest will start in which the three main characters will enter our daily life.

Statistics of weblog “Who are you”:
87 posts
927 tags
3600 visitors

Statistics of the Dutch weblog “Wie ben jij”:
88 posts
920 tags
4700 visitors


[1] See: Drift, Carla, “Man Leben – One Life, a biography”, Amsterdam: Omnia – Amsterdam Uitgeverij, 2012

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