Introduction: One – “Powers of Ten”

After you and me have gone through the wonderful world of “Indra’s Net [1]“, we are looking forward to the presentation of the 10-minute film “Powers of Ten” written and directed by Ray and Charles Eames in 1968 (and reissued in 1977 ).

Before we will look at the movie, an introduction is given.

Charles and Ray Eames [2] is an architect / designer couple who gave a significant contribution to the development of modern architecture and furniture design.

A first impression of the “Eames house [3]:


And a picture of a chair in the “Soft Pad series” designed in 1969:


The documentary “Powers of Ten” is an adventure in size and views on different scales. The film shows the known universe in “powers of ten ” [6]. The content and structure of the film is based on the book “Cosmic View – The Universe in 40 Jumps” [7] published in 1957, written and designed by the Dutch pedagogue Kees Boeke [8], who is founder of the “Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap” [9] – Children’s Community Workshop – in Bilthoven, the Netherlands.

The film begins with a picnic area near the lake in Chicago. Every 10 seconds we are transported ten times further in the universe until our solar system is just a speck in the sky. Then we return quickly to the picnic area. There we zoom in on the hand of the sleeper pick-nicker. Every ten seconds we zoom in 10 times on the hand until we move inside the carbon atom in a DNA molecule within a white blood cell.

Actually, you and I have to see the film twice in succession. The first time to enjoy the movie and the second time to enjoy the view on “Indra’s net” in different sizes.

Does the combination of “Powers of Ten”, “Indra’s Net” and the books by Brian Greene [10] give a first visual representation of the string theory? Are these images different manifestations of “One”? And is “One” displayed according to the ways of the world and not according to her not to express universality [11]? We do not know. See for yourself.

The next post is an introduction on “Two”, the new stage on our Odyssey.

After this introduction we may look at the film: please visit the following website:

(Please, click on the hyperlink to visit the website to see the documentary)

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