Introduction – table of contents of the book

In the previous post we have explain how we have come to the number of 19 special stages during our Odyssee for who you are. These places constitute the table of contents of the book.


Now we will name the 19 special stages based upon the table of contents.

Inleiding – Introibo[2] [3]

1.       One – Thus, in unum deum[4]

2.       Two – In dubio[5]

3.       Three – Dubio transcendit[6]

4.       Five common realities

  • Facts and logic
  • Intensities and association
  • Emptiness
  • Change
  • Interconnectedness

5.       Seven other realities

  • Ishvara[1]
  • Et incarnatus est[2]
  • Show me a small truth
  • No time, no change
  • Thou art that
  • And death has no dominion here[3]
  • Here en now

6.       Zero – Not one, not two

The next post is about myth and rituals. Then we continue with the introduction of the separate chapters and paragraphs.

[2] Introibo ad altare Dei: let me enter to the altar of God

[3] Joyces, James, Ulysses. 1975, P. 7

[4] In one God

[5] In doubt

[6] Doubt surpassed

[7] A philosophical concept of God in Hinduism, see also:

[8] « Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto » may be translated by “And he became a body of the Holy Ghost”

[9] Zie ook: Dylan Thomas, And Death shall have no Dominion

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