Introduction – beginning of our quest

After the previous post[1] nearly everything is in view. Now the question arises how to start.
The narrator of the Mahābhārata by Peter Brook[2] says in the opening scene: “The beginning is always shrouded in clouds; I do not know how to begin”

Chaos in Orion[3]

“Start with yourself”, the narrator receives as advise.

You and I will start at the beginning – when you were born.

First I will disappoint you. This book does not begin on the date of birth when you have left the womb according to your civil status. We will also not take your conception – nine months earlier – as the starting point. In China and Vietnam you are already one year old when you leave the womb[4]. During these nine months in the womb you nearly accomplished the whole evolution. After you left the womb, you developed from infant, baby, toddler, infant, child, youth to adult. But this journey from conception until now does not constitute who you are.

Your birth is at the beginning of everything. There we will start our quest for “Who are you”. After your birth, you began a journey with many stages to “here and now”. We look for the path of this journey that constitutes who you are. This quest – in 19 stages – will be a homecoming. Odysseus took ten years on his journey home from Troy[5]. We will take a lot more time for our Odyssey: our journey will lead from the beginning until now. At the end, we will look back on our quest. We will see that everything is done in one sigh.

The following message is about the 19 stages.

[1] See the last post of “For whom I write “Who are you”” under

[2] DVD Peter Brook, Mahābhārata – The ultimate Story

[4] See: Thich Nhat Hahn, The heart of understanding. Berkeley: Parallax Press, 1988


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