Introduction to the creation of “Who are you”

In October 2010 I started writing the first rough draft/concept of the book. I have chosen to fully complete this first concept with its shortcomings and gaps. I made this choice to prevent the situation that three chapters are available and a writer’s block will hinder me to write the rest of the book.

Already one year ago I had the idea of a complete essay/book on Chapter 5 of the book “Who are you”. The first ideas for this essay arose in 2005 when I was asked to provide a contribution to a liber amicorum with the theme “Building”. In this contribution I described a triptych using five conceptual frameworks as windows for the description.

The triptich consisted of the main panel “Looking and thinking” and the two side panels “Music” and “Physical build”.

The five conceptual frameworks were:

  • Things and logical connections
  • Intensities and associations
  • Inter-connectedness
  • Void
  • Transparency of all four previous conceptual frameworks.

Over time my ideas for the five conceptual frameworks evolved and last year I had sufficient material for an essay on this subject.

During the summer of 2010 I spent much energy on acquiring knowledge and skills in writing books and essays. This study resulted in my decision to attempt writing for a wider audience. The footnotes to the text are intended on one hand to give additional information to more interested readers and on the other hand to provide references for more scientifically oriented readers.

In drawing up the table of content including key words for the contents of the separate chapters, I noticed in the autumn of 2010 that my interest was wider and I wished to adjust my ambition to a wider scope. This has resulted in the present table of content of the book “Who are you”.


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